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     We breed for the Labrador Retriever Standard with emphases on the traditional temperament. I continue to introduce new bloodlines periodically.  I produce mostly Yellow and Black with an occasional Chocolate litter. I like to sell dogs in the manner in which I prefer to experience while searching, comparing and buying a new bloodline myself. I love to talk about Labradors if you have questions, I'm sure I can help.


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Since 1995, True Labradors, a small kennel located in Nebraska, has been raising Labrador Retrievers that conform to the Labrador Retriever Standard, which encompasses black, chocolate, and yellow dogs. The kennel is licensed as a commercial breeder by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, although we consider ourselves more of a hobbyist breeder. True Labradors is subject to regular inspections and pays sales tax on all dogs sold, with a sales tax ID on display. The dogs live on a 20-acre property with a pond and ample space to run. All the dogs are treated as family members and spend time inside our home. 

Initially, True Labradors raised hunting dogs, or American Labradors, which I admire greatly. We acquired our first English Labrador in 2012 and have since focused on the traditional Labrador Retriever. True Labradors believes in keeping the dog adoption process simple and easy. We avoid imposing lengthy questionnaires, interviews, or unusual contracts on potential buyers. AKC documents, veterinary records, and microchip records are readily available on the day of pickup. Unless there is a clear indication that a buyer will be an unfit dog owner, True Labradors avoids making assumptions. The kennel seeks to maintain the high standards set by previous Labrador breeders and has multiple bloodlines in its breeding program. Puppies are sold with limited AKC registration, although full registration is sometimes available for an additional fee. The kennel has invested in its bloodlines and is open to collaborating with other quality breeders. 

True Labradors has several Champion bloodlines, which are distinct and noted in the AKC pedigrees with “CH” or “GCH.” These bloodlines serve as a validation that the dogs meet the standards set by the kennel. The kennel's dogs undergo an OFA certification at two years old to ensure that they are free of genetic issues in their hips and elbows. DNA profiling is done to identify any potential weaknesses and find a suitable mate. Puppies are sold at eight weeks of age, having been to the Veterinarian at six weeks for a final checkup, initial shots, and worming. Puppies are sold with a limited registration. Which means you cannot show or breed your dog without True Labradors permission. AKC will not recognize your dog without proper documentation. It is possible to upgrade your registration to "Full" at a later date. Puppies are also microchipped with AKC Reunite, and the new owner can register their puppy's microchip for a one-time (lifetime) fee of about $25. 

True Labradors reserves the right to have the first pick of each litter, which is crucial for maintaining the kennel's health and viability. Occasionally, dogs retire or fall short for being a good breeder and must be replaced, which requires we occasionally select from our own puppies. The kennel keeps a list of interested parties but encourages potential buyers to leave a deposit. Although the deposit list can be lengthy, True Labradors occasionally has extra puppies or adult dogs for sale. The kennel sends out an email with pictures of available puppies or discounts on adult dogs. The kennel offers puppies first to those who have left a deposit, in order of the deposit received date. Although breeding can be unpredictable, True Labradors encourages patience and flexibility among potential buyers. We sometimes have extra puppies after offering our puppies to those on the deposit list. Many pass to the next litter waiting for better timing or for preference from certain parents. If you believe you or someone you know will be interested in a notice of availability "NOW" of a puppy or adult dog. Please consider leaving your email on the main page by completing the "NOTIFICATION LIST"; the links below can be used for easy locating.  

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