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Payments by email Invoice

Puppies - $1800 

Deposit $200

Remember: Sales tax is included in this price 5.5%
1800 X .055 = $99

If you're leaving a deposit, you are welcome to mail a check or pay with cash in person. This email Invoice is intended for your convenience. You will be provided a secure link to pay by credit card. Deposits are refundable until you accept a specific puppy/dog. I don't usually accept checks for final payments, unless received a week prior to your puppy going home.  I prefer a cash settlement, or you have paid by email invoice prior to picking up your puppy. Otherwise, you need to contact Gene and make arrangements.  There is an additional 2.9% processing fee they charge if you wish to pay by credit card. 

Once your deposit is received you will be added to the waiting list. When puppies are 4 to 6 weeks old, I simply go down the list starting at the oldest deposit date and text or call to offer what I have. You're welcome to pass to the next litter for your preference. I will work for you to get you what you want.

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Email Invoice - For Deposits or Final Payment


Thanks for submitting!

True Labradors waiting List

          NAME:              PREFERENCE:     
1.    S. TORREL                            B/M Fall 2023         
2.  M. STILLMOCK                    ?                
3.  Y. WANG                              ?                 
4.  T. WaIz                               B/F               
5.  T. STRECKFUSS                B/F               
6.  M. NORSTROM                 B/M             
7.  B. O'GRADY                       B/M            
8.  S. ROLFSMEYER               C/F              
9.  A. MARSHALL                    B/M  
10. K. HOLT                                 C/M                
11. C. JAMINET                        B/M            
12. C. ZERBE                              B/M    
13. A. GREEN                             B/F           
14. S. ANDERSON                   B/M              
15. R Merwald                       Y/M   
16. J. Miller                              Y/F  Max & Ellie
17. S. Goss                               Y/F Fall 2023  


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