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Payments by email Invoice

Puppies -     $1800 

NE Sales Tax 5.5%   $99                              NE Dept. of Revenue ID#: 001-013191985

Total -           $1899

Deposit -         $200

Balance at Pick up -$1699

If you're leaving a deposit, you are welcome to mail a check or pay with cash in person. This email Invoice is intended for your convenience. You will be provided a secure link to pay by credit card. Deposits are refundable until you accept a specific puppy/dog. I don't usually accept checks for final payments, unless received a week prior to your puppy going home.  I prefer a cash settlement, or you have paid by email invoice prior to picking up your puppy. Otherwise, you need to contact Gene and make arrangements.  There is an additional 2.9% processing fee they charge if you wish to pay by credit card. Please understand the State of Nebraska requires me to charge Sales Tax that is remitted monthly. This adds an additional 5.5%.

Once your deposit is received you will be added to the waiting list. When puppies are 4 to 6 weeks old, I simply go down the list starting at the oldest deposit date and text or call to offer what I have. You're welcome to pass to the next litter for your preference. I will work for you to get you what you want.

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Email Invoice - For Deposits or Final Payment


Thanks for submitting!

True Labradors waiting List

          NAME:              PREFERENCE:     
1.   S. Terrel                             B/M
2.   M. STILLMOCK                    ?            
3.  A. MARSHALL                    B/M  
4. K. HOLT                                 C/M            
5. C. ZERBE                              B/M    
6. A. GREEN                             B/F           
7. S. ANDERSON                   B/M              
8. R Merwald                       Y/M   
9. J. Miller                              Y/F  

10. S. Goss                               Y/F Fall 2023
11. D. Smith                              Y/M
12.  B. Neumann                   B/M
13. E. Kirby                                ?
14. D. Perry                              Y/F
15. S. Remmenga                Y/M
16. A. Lutt                                 Y/F
17. T. Kelsick                          Y/F
18. S. Hoefler                          B/F
19. M. Wilkenson                 ??
20. R. McHenry                     ?/M

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