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Dutch's DNA Certificate

All of our dogs are 100% clear of all the diseases tested for. We at least test for the top 10 diseases recommended by Paw Print Laboratories. They refer to this as the Labrador Retriever "Essential Panel". I don't like to have any dogs that have a blemish of being a "carrier". We will eventually eliminate this through our own breeding program. We accomplish this through time and continued breeding. Know if bred properly the worst that can come of any offspring from a carrier is that they too will be a carrier. About 20% of offspring will also be a carrier if bred with a mate that is clear of the same issue. Most pet owners will never know their pet was a carrier. This information is best utilized by the breeder. Please do your own research. I publish all my certificates to show you all sides of breeding and to be transparent. 

OFA requires all Labradors to be at least 24 months old to be certified. We schedule all dogs after they are 2 years old. 

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