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Lena was born and raised here with us, she is a beautiful sole. I love this bloodline and know it well from the last three generations. If you're looking for the perfect Labrador temperament, you're going to love Lena. I recently took Lena to the Veterinarian for a blood draw. The Vet held Lena while a technician drew the blood. I was waiting in the reception area when another employee came out to tell me that the Vet did not want to give Lena back to me. I went to the back to find Lena snuggling with the Vet. Lena loves affection and returns it in spades. She is a Dickendall blood line which is best described as short and stocky, with large bone structure. Dickendall is a well-known kennel with much success in the show ring. Keep in mind her Parents are Molly and Max both exceptional Labradors here. I have high hopes for Lena as she becomes a new mom here at True Labradors.

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