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   Tori is a special girl here. The only Chocolate we currently have. I searched for almost two years looking for the best example of an English in a Chocolate color. If you also have looked around for a fine Chocolate you might have had a similar experience that many looked like the American version lacking traditional thickness. Tori is a Dickendall referring to the very successful kennel that shows Labrador Retrievers. This however doesn't reflect in her pedigree because it is too far back. However you can see it in her looks and temperment. Tori has 9 Champions on the Sire's side  4 of which are Grand Champions. There are 4 Champions on the Dam side, 3 are Grand Champions.  You can verify this below on her Pedigree.

     Let me tell you about what I like best about Tori it's not her pedigree but her personality. Tori is a delight to be around so eagar to please and just loves people. She is the epitome of the Labrador Retriever temperment just what you expect.  She seems to know what I want many times before I ask it. She has an orery streak that she seems to be proud of. She takes shoes, socks, and dirty clothes to the center of the living room. She piles them up like a house maid showing off her hard work. If you never owned a Chocolate before it would be good to note there is a little more maintance to their coats then other colors. My experience shows you need a good undercoat shampoo and intense brushing about twice a year during the intitial seasonal shed. But... to be fair all Labradors require this it just seems to be a little more prevalent on the Chocolates. Once this has been done you'll find some shedding all year but not as bad as when they originally lose their seasonal coat. An orcassional brushing does wonders to help keep it off your floor and such.

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