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     We breed for the Labrador Retriever Standard with emphases on the traditional temperament. I continue to introduce new bloodlines periodically.  I produce mostly Yellow and Black with an occasional Chocolate litter. I like to sell dogs in the manner in which I prefer to experience while searching, comparing and buying a new bloodline myself. I love to talk about Labradors if you have questions, I'm sure I can help.


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I describe True Labradors as a small kennel and have been raising Labrador Retrievers since 1995.  ​We are traditional breeders that breed for the Labrador Retriever Standard.  That is Black, Chocolate, and Yellows. We are licensed with Nebraska Department of Agriculture as a Commercial Breeder. Though we believe we are more hobbyist than a commercial breeder. Four or more dogs that are intended for breeding requires a license here in Nebraska. We are inspected regularly and meet a high standard. We pay sales tax on all dogs sold and have a sales tax ID posted in plain sight when you visit. We live on 20 acres with a pond and have a large area for the dogs to run. All of our dogs are part of our family and spend time in our home. 


We started out with hunting dogs, or what is commonly referred to as the American Labrador. I love these working dogs and if the current bird population was what it was when I was growing up. I would still be raising these magnificent animals. In 2012 we purchased our first English Labrador and have since moved in this direction. These beautiful dogs with their thicker bone structure, blocky heads, and loveable dispositions won me over. Keep in mind there is only one Labrador Retriever standard and that is the “English Labrador Retriever”. I shopped through hundreds of litters and dealt with many breeders.  Some much better than others. Because of this experience I know how frustrating some breeders can be. I’m sure they have the best intentions, but I have seen breeders exclude good people from buying their dogs. They often require buyers to go through an adoption process, interviews and lengthy questioners, and contracts. Here at True Labradors, we like to make the process as easy as possible. I sell dogs in a manner in which I prefer to buy dogs. You will not have to wait on paperwork. All AKC documents, Veterinary records, Microchip records are ready the day you pick up your dog. Unless there are evidence people will abuse their dogs or have unfit homes not conducive for animals. I will not jump to conclusions. We realize we didn't invent the breed. We benefitted from those dedicated breeders who came before us, and we strive to maintain the standards for the next generation. We are proud of the dogs we breed and have had several different bloodlines over the years. Puppies are sold with Limited AKC Registration. If you’re interested in Full Registration, it is sometimes available for an additional fee.


Currently we have several Champion bloodlines. What I mean by Champion bloodlines is the distinction of "CH" (Champion)and "GCH" (Grand Champion) noted in the AKC pedigrees, each separate and distinct bloodlines which I post with my dogs’ profiles. Keep in mind professional breeders only recognize 1st generation champions and usually only when bred with another champion. I see this notation as validation that dogs are meeting the standard. Our dogs are OFA certified at 2 years of age to help assure we're breeding dogs without genetic issues. This is the hips and elbows evaluation done on the parents. We do DNA profiling to confirm our dogs intended for breeding don't have any serious issue and to also identify weaknesses and to match to a suitable mate. All puppies are sold at 8 weeks of age having been to the Veterinarian twice, the first time usually at 5 days old to have their dew claws removed and again at 6 weeks for their final health checkup, initial shots, and wormer. We microchip our puppies with AKC Reunite. The new owner can register their puppy's microchip for a onetime (lifetime) fee of $19.95, which we strongly encourage.


Please understand I reserve the right for first pick from each litter. This is essential to keep the kennel healthy and breeding which sustains the kennel viability. It doesn't happen that often but I lose dogs that do not meet standards occasionally and must be replaced. I keep a list of those interested in puppies, However I usually don't make it to this list. A deposit will secure your place in line.  I offer puppies first to those who have left a deposit making calls or text in order of who has been waiting the longest according to the deposit received date. I suggest and prefer to wait until after a successful breeding to announce possible puppies. If you are patient and flexible I'll take a deposit early giving you a better choice as you move up the list. Much goes into breeding and though most breeding's go as planned sometimes we have small litters or it does not take for one reason or another. Be patient most people are offered a puppy within 2 months and many sooner.  If you like certain parents I would advise you to get on the list sooner and wait giving you more options as you move up the list.  No one has ever jumped ahead on the list even family has waited like everyone else.  Most of the time the waiting list is about 10 people or less and usually people are waiting for a specific color and sex.  An average litter is usually 8 and we usually have 4 to 6 litters a year.  If you have an issue, please talk to me.  Currently I'm asking for a $200 deposit towards the sale price.  I use a primary cell phone number to communicate. Make sure you include this number with your deposit along with your preference on parents, color, and sex. I use this information to plan breeding's. Upon receiving a deposit, I will write out a receipt and take a photo and attach it to a text. I prefer to meet or at least call and talk to someone at least once. When offering customers puppies, I cannot wait weeks for a response. When I call or text and don't get a response in a couple days, I try three times to get a hold of you. If not, successful I will move on to the next customer. I try hard to give everyone what they want. I have been ghosted and believe it is because they found another puppy elsewhere. No hard feelings, please just talk to me.    I understand you plan to pick up your puppy on the day of the 8th week or the following weekend unless you make other arrangements in advance.  For the final payment I prefer cash or check if you pay the week before you pick up your dog to allow the check to clear. I would recommend putting me in your contacts on your phone so not to be confused as a robocall or spam.  When you commit to buying in advance of a puppy’s 8th week. I'll ask for a deposit that is refundable until you accept a specific puppy usually after puppies are 6 weeks old. I am flexible and reasonable if there is a problem, please just talk to me. I prefer not to make money on deposits my goal is to sell puppies.  I have many repeat buyers and offer a 10% discount for past puppy buyers. When puppies are born, I'll notify you usually by text and many times with a picture. I'll verify your placement and order of pick.


At 6 weeks the puppies are microchipped, and you can reserve your puppy by the chip number. This applies as long as the person in front of you has chosen their puppy. Your pick must be chosen by the puppy’s 8th week to allow everyone to pick up their puppy as early as possible. This can be done in person, photos or video. Puppies seem to always sell quickly usually within the first week advertised and many before they are born. At 8 weeks puppies are ready for their new homes. I feed our dogs Diamond dog food “Premium” the green bag. I do not like the "Original" the red bag, it's very basic for $2 to $3 more per bag the premium is much better. Puppies get the Diamond puppy, the purple bag. This is a very good dog food especially for those feeding multiple dogs. If I only had one dog, I would likely feed it Iams.


​Those interested in purchasing a puppy are welcome to visit. I always like to see the parents when I purchase from a new bloodline. If you're wanting to visit puppies, I would encourage you to wait until after the puppies are at least 6 weeks old, and of course you should call first to make sure someone is here. If you have any questions use the contact tab above to either email or call. A link to the Conditions of Sale/ Health Guarantee is on the home page or the link below and will be the same that you are asked to sign before receiving your puppy. ​​​

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